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“Ball delivers a candid and genuine memoir about a broken relationship, addiction, and human frailty. This work offers a captivating look into the inner workings of a dysfunctional relationship and the chilling impact of secrecy and distrust.” -The BookLife Prize

“I purchased this book after reading an excerpt on the web. I was so intrigued by her painful experience that I wanted to find out how she had endured such pain. I give her great credit that she was able navigate and reflect on her experience with the sage wisdom and grace that only recovered addicts and survivors of trauma can do.

The author is a talented and capable writer. I am thankful that her honesty about her pain and admission that she is still journeying wasn’t tidied up in some saccharine-flavored edible bow. I do think readers will find this autobiographical retelling of a deeply painful and very real experience useful in understanding the human condition, the destructive nature of addiction, and the need to give each other much more grace.”-A. Jarrell, 5-star Amazon Review

“Tara dives deep into the intricacies of her first marriage and gives us an inside look at the life she lived as a former addict with another former addict. When she found evidence her husband was using again, was that the beginning of the end, or was it long before? As Tara tells her heartbreaking story, you may find it parallels your own. Well told and at times hard to read, it’s ultimately a story of hope.”-Chloe Cuthbert, 5-star Goodreads Review

“Tara Blair Ball’s memoir is a poignant account of the dissolution of trust, love, and a marriage. Bell devastatingly depicts the betrayal of her husband and the heartrending decision to end her marriage. In her raw style of prose, she details her innermost pain and does not fail to address her own perceived shortcomings that led to her divorce. Reading this memoir gives the reader the feeling of speaking to a friend and makes the heart ache for this extraordinary woman. However, she also reflects a glimmer of hope in life after divorce. This is a must read for anyone who may find themselves in a similar situation; they will be certain to feel a sense of empathy for and unity with Tara Blair Ball.”-Kristen Bergstein, 5-star Amazon Review