Have you ever said something like, 

“I’m so tired of getting rejected.”
“If a woman’s interested in me, she can just get off her butt and come tell me.” 

“Women are just too complicated. Why even bother?”

Then, this book is for you! 

As a Relationship Coach and Writer, it’s Tara Blair Ball’s job to break down the nuance of modern dating for her male clients and readers. 

In this practical actionable guide, you’ll find proven techniques and tips for:

*knowing what today’s women want,
*properly assessing a woman’s nonverbal cues,
*approaching a woman,
*talking, texting, and flirting with a woman,
*and developing a relationship.

Quit wasting your time on women who aren’t interested, and focus your attention on women who are!

Get your copy today!


“Tara Blair Ball thought she had it all: a handsome husband, beautiful infants, and a great house in the suburbs. But then came a discovery that worked just like a grenade lofted into the middle of her superficially serene life: her husband had been secretly abusing drugs for years, he had a secret card, and he’d embezzled from his job.

After trying to work things out and having two devastating miscarriages, she’d then commit her own great betrayal: having an affair.

Told with suspense, humor, and unflinching honesty, The Beginning of the End captures the agonies and joys of one imperfect woman, trying the best she can in unspeakable circumstances.”

“Ball delivers a candid and genuine memoir about a broken relationship, addiction, and human frailty. This work offers a captivating look into the inner workings of a dysfunctional relationship and the chilling impact of secrecy and distrust.” -The BookLife Prize

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