Tired of wasting your time dating online?

Discover how to make online dating work for YOU! 

This course offers proven techniques that you can easily apply to start getting the high-quality matches you want and beginning to set up dates. 

In this course, the following questions will be answered: 

  • What do women actually want? Do they even know? 
  • Which dating app or site would be best for me to use?
  • Why does no one message me back?
  • Do women really not want ______ kind of guys?
  • Why am I getting no matches?
  • What vocab do I need to know for online dating (think: curving/breadcrumbing, etc.)?
  • How can I create the right first impression?
  • How can I screen profiles, so I’m not always wasting my time?
  • What can I do to make sure I’m connecting with women who also want a long-term relationship?

If you’re tired of the mind games, drama, ghosting/breadcrumbing/curving, and disappointment that makes up online dating today, join me on this journey to learn how to make online dating work for you!

Has anyone ever called you “toxic” before?

Has your BFF, “the one,” a co-worker, and/or family member cut you off with no explanation?

If you can answer “yes” to the above questions, know that you’re not alone. 

I’ve been where you are: reeling from the loss of yet another close relationship and clueless as to why this kept happening to me.

I then had to come to the painful realization that maybe the problem was…me.  

Maybe there was something about ME that was driving these other people away.

fter years of study as a researcher and then relationship coach, I now have a science-backed method to help ANYONE address their own toxic behaviors.

If you’ve felt stuck and hopeless, doomed to keep having unsatisfying relationships, then this course is for you!