Has anyone ever called you “toxic” before?

Has your BFF, “the one,” a co-worker, and/or family member cut you off with no explanation?

If you can answer “yes” to the above questions, know that you’re not alone. 

I’ve been where you are: reeling from the loss of yet another close relationship and clueless as to why this kept happening to me.

I then had to come to the painful realization that maybe the problem was…me.  

Maybe there was something about ME that was driving these other people away.

After years of study as a researcher and then relationship coach, I now have a science-backed method to help ANYONE address their own toxic behaviors.

If you’ve felt stuck and hopeless, doomed to keep having unsatisfying relationships, then this course is for you!

I can’t promise this course will be easy. No change comes without grief and loss, but will you join me anyway? You only have to work on what YOU want to, and I’ll be right there to help guide you.